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It comes from my mother's name. Which this boutique was made related in honor of her. Three years ago on August 27 in 2018. An example to follow as an entrepreneur since for reasons of leaving she was ahead of us but left us great memories and examples to move forward and excel without depending on anyone, to work honestly, to do things well until we reach our goals with effort and sacrifice.

Know me

This is how I started my own business three years ago, as you will see I have my store in Mexico. In Rey Nayar colonia 25 de Abril CP 63784 Xalisco Nayarit and as you will see I have been working a lot and with many complications but to my effort and to my God I have achieved it.

I do not stop until I reach my goals and I only ask God to allow me to reach the end of my dream, which is to become one more entrepreneur like so many people who reach the top. Mine is to have my own international marketing business of all kinds of products related to all kinds of products that are within my reach.

I have my page and other means where you can know all kinds of merchandise, I am at your service, I am Ines Aguayo Zepeda and I hope to have all your support to make my dream come true, God sell you and do not give up that everything in life with sacrifice we all can.



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